First, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ryan Klassy, owner and operator of KLASSY Toffee. I am currently an Active Duty AGR member (work full time) in the Colorado Army National Guard. I have been serving the Colorado National Guard for nearly 8 years and I am not quitting any time soon! I love the Colorado National Guard and I have always wanted to find a way to give back to the Service that has given so much to me, and I do believe I have found out exactly how…

I really do love the military, but my true passion is TOFFEE! When I’m not on duty with the Army, I am hard at work running this business. I personally make each batch one at a time, by hand until it I cooked to perfection. I select nothing but the best ingredients for my toffee, including all natural California Almonds, the best Belgian Chocolate money can buy, and of course only Pure Madagascar Vanilla Beans as opposed to imitation extracts; there is nothing artificial about it! My toffee has won multiple awards, including “Best Toffee of 2012” at the Colorado Chocolate Festival in Denver!

Although I believe I have the best toffee money can buy, there is still something even more special about my business that I want you to know about, and it is our support for our military Service Members stationed overseas. There is nothing easy about a military deployment to a combat zone. You are so far away from family and friends that being homesick becomes a part of life. An 18 hour work day for 7 days a week is not uncommon. But ask any Service Member who has been there what the best part of the day is and you will get the same response every time… MAIL CALL! There is no better feeling in the world than getting that care package from someone back home letting you know that they are thinking about you and support you. We believe that every Soldier is entitled to that moment. This is why for every box of toffee that we sell here at KLASSY Toffee, a service man or woman stationed overseas in a combat zone will get a box of toffee shipped directly to them absolutely free! We truly care about those who put their lives on the line for us and we want every single one of them to know it. Our goal here at KLASSY Toffee is to get a free box of toffee into the hands of as many deployed Service Members as possible, along with a letter telling them to hang in there and letting them know how much we really appreciate what they do.

In addition to this, we do offer free shipping to any overseas APO address and guarantee your package’s arrival or your money back. We offer many Care Package solutions as well to help you get your message to your Soldier with a personal touch straight from you!

I hope that you enjoy your time spent here with KLASSY Toffee, and if you have any questions at all, please contact us. If you ask for Ryan, I will be sure to send you a personal response to your question.

Thank you for hearing our story!
Ryan Klassy
Owner, KLASSY Toffee